An inspector pulls a green coffee sample from a burlap bag  to inspect and assess quality.

In accordance with HAR 4-143, all Hawaii green coffee shipped out of state must meet or exceed Hawaii No. 3 green coffee standards in order to be labelled as “Hawaii coffee”:

“Green coffee destined for shipment in wholesale quantities to points outside the State shall meet the requirements of Hawaii No. 3 green coffee…” 

Any green coffee that does not meet Hawaii No. 3 green standards must be clearly labelled OFFGRADE COFFEE and cannot use Hawaii as the geographical indication of origin:

“Offgrade green coffee may be exported provided that all containers are printed or labeled in bold letters of not less than one and one half inch (3.8 cm) in height OFFGRADE COFFEE parallel to and within twelve inches of the top of or on both sides of each container. In addition, all invoices for this product shall be marked in large bold capital letters OFFGRADE COFFEE.”

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