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January 14, 2015 11:41 am
Daylight Mind coffee hawaii kona
The outdoor dining area at Daylight Mind. Facebook photo.

Daylight Mind, the roastery, coffee school and upscale beachside restaurant in the Kona region of Hawaii, has created a wildly ambitious coffee menu, incorporating every part of the coffee cherry, including skin, flesh and seed.

The one-time-only tasting menu, “The Whole Coffee,” is in celebration of the island’s harvest season, and will be available January 30.

For the culinary event, Daylight Mind owner Shawn Steiman is employing the expertise of his cousin, Harvey Steiman, who also happens to be the editor-at-large of Wine Spectator magazine. Harvey Steiman is selecting wines to pair with the menu, and the cousins will host a 4:30 p.m. coffee and wine pairing session before the meal, discussing similarities and differences between the drinks.

The meal costs $130 per person, or $240 per person with the wine pairing.

Here’s a look at the menu:

Reverse Macchiato
White gazpacho, cold brew foam, and herbed biscotti

Kampachi crudo
Kona kampachi, lilikoi mignonette, pickled local vegetables, and Sumatra coffee salt

Opakapaka and coffee cherry
Seared crispy opakapaka, coffee cherry butter, and lomi tomatoes

Coffee chaff roasted duck
Caramelized Cinderella pumpkin

Coffee smoked pork belly
Smoked and confit pork belly, Ka‘ū corn succotash, and corn puree

Waimea beef short rib
Braised in coffee with seared Ali‘i mushrooms, turnip puree, acidulated onion, and spicy kale chips

Warmed French brie, coffee jellies, grapes, and local fruit

Macchiato panna cotta
Coffee caramel and spiced nut textured milk

Wine pairing for first 3 courses: Cristal Champagne

Wine pairing for middle 3 courses: Chaˆ teau Margaux (2002) and Beaux Fre`res, Pinot Noir, Belles Soeurs, Willamette Valley (2002)

Wine pairing for last 2 courses: Domaine Durban Muscat Beaumes de Venise (2009)

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